Summer Fun

I'm baaaack!!! We just got back from our lovely holiday in Ontario. Goodness how I miss the cottage. Though I absolutely adore living out on the west coast, there is something about eastern Ontario. The rocky landscape, the trees, the lakes... bliss...

It was incredibly nice to see family again too! It's been a year since I've last seen my immediate family... 5 years since I've seen my brother in law, and 12 years since our last small reunion.. .. definitely too long. This reunion was a big one though, some 65 people attended as we had both the Philpott and Crawley clans together again. And as I predicted, the visit went by too quickly. One day we'll see each other more often, I'm sure of it. But for now, I'll take what I can get, and this past visit was so very nice.

Being out at the cottage was such a special part of the visit for me. Oh how I love this space. Over the years the cottages have been undergoing many renovations, but it's still keeping with the traditional feel and look. This place will always have a special space in my heart. xo

Those are my boys out swimming in the early evening. I can't tell you how happy it made me to finally share this piece of paradise with them. There are so many memories here...my heart just bursts with joy in being able to share it with them. There were heaps of photos taken, and you may see some here and there pop up in nook's facebook page...

And now it seems we are preparing for a very busy fall. First thing's first though... I went to fibrations last weekend to help out my dear friend Melissa, of misocraftyknits.  I was able to go for a quick shop before the end of the event, and check out my little haul!

Guys, I believe I showed some serious restraint here. There was so much that wanted to come home with me! The yarns are from JOMA yarn, Caterpillargreen yarns, and RainCityKnits. The bags are of course by misocrafty!

These babies had to go straight to the yarn shelf to hang with their friends... as it's all work knitting and preparing for a winter market for the next little while.

Tell me, how has your summer been? Are you in fall mode now? Or hanging on to every last bit of summer? I've missed you! Coffee's on, come chat! xo


  1. Beautiful yarn - and it sounds like you had a fantastic holiday.
    You asked how summer has been - full of knitting and crochet, and super busy. Looking forward to fall, definitely! Wrapping up in warm knits, drinking hot chocolate, and winding down for the cooler months.

    1. ohhh yes! There is something pretty darn awesome about crisp fall days, hey? I think it's a knitter's fave time of the year. I love it! xo


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