summer hopefuls!

This weekend marks our first camping trip of the year. And of course the majority of Vancouver Island is under a fire ban. Luckily, we'll be camping at a private camp-ground, and as of right now there are no fire bans there. We'll see by the weekend though. At any rate, we'll still have a good time.

this is from last year, but we're going to the same spot!
The reason for my absence here is actually just the normal busy life of balancing work and summer life with a kiddo. You know, you'd think that summer is a slower season for us knitters, but this year I am keeping very busy! I am also needing to plan and knit for the one winter market that I like to sell at. So then I am left to wonder when I'll do some selfish knitting?

Though I may need to be patient as to when these items can be on my needles, I thought I'd share a few of what's at the top of my queue. Just because it's summer, and hot as all get out around here, it never means it's too hot to knit (not for me, anyway) ;) 

so here is what's hopefully up soon for me. (in no particular order)

1.    boxy. by joji locatelli. - this one has been in my queue for ever. I even had the yarn all picked out and set aside for this last year... so far I haven't changed my mind on the pairing. It's a daring one!! wollmeise Pure 100% merino superwash in wasabi.  

2.    oatmeal pullover. by jane richmond. - though I have already knit this one several times, I'm putting it up here because I know it will be on the needles soon. As soon as the sskal starts up, I'll be casting on for this in knit picks wool of the andes bulky in crush. Because who doesn't need a hot pink sweater?!

3.    something by martina behm. ha. ok so I've actually never knit any of her patterns yet, and she's always been on my radar... along with several of her patterns being in my queue. I have several options that I already have yarn for.... naiada, brickless, viajante, nuvem, lintilla, & hitchhiker just to name a few. HA!
This woman is so incredibly talented, and I am frankly surprised I haven't knit anything yet. Time to change that for sure. :)

My queue is pages and pages long, seriously. There are so many items I wish I could just cast on. Though it seems I actually need to feed my family, keep on top of the household duties, care for my child, and you know.... be a grown up. So in the meantime, I consider myself very lucky to be able to do what I love. And hopefully one day soon, we'll see more selfish knits popping up in the blogger feed. yes?

Tell me, what are your summer hopeful knits? I'd love to hear about them! Have you gone camping this year yet? What are your fave knits to bring? xo


  1. Great picks for selfish knits. I wish I could be as brave as you and knit in bright colors for myself. I tend to stay on the safe side with neutral and natural colors.

    I have been working on market knitting most of the summer and hopefully do some selfish knitting in the fall. In my queue I have two of jane richmond's oatmeal pullover and twiggy and alicia plummer's ease. I haven't decided yarn or colors as I'm still debating.

    Happy knitting and camping!

  2. Eek! I'm so jealous that you get to go camping! Since we didn't get to go once last summer, I was really hoping we'd go this year. Sadly, the schedule doesn't allow for it :(

    You should cast on for Boxy. Now! You've been talking about it forever! And it's seriously knitting in the round for like, 17". You're such a speedy knitter that I'm sure you'd knit that up before the weekend is over!

    Be safe and have fun camping!! ♥

  3. Maybe we need a Boxy KAL. I'm planning to do one with my Plucky pinks gradient and a bunch of leftover Plucky grays I have. All random striping craziness. Not sure I can knit as fast as you though ;)

    I just started a Bees to Honey shawl in the Kattikloo Knit City colourway that I'm hoping to wear wear to KC in October. I'm also going to cast-on a Antrorse for the SSKAL that I'm hoping to show off to Shannon in October.

    I went camping down in Pt. Roberts last weekend and next weekend I'm camping in Nakusp. No fancy tent trailer camping like you though with your lovely hammock ;) Just tents and dirt and the hope that the district we're in won't have a campfire ban (usually we are lucky and it doesn't).


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