Imagine that... another F.O!

Today is a holiday for us Canadians... it's Canada Day!!! And as a bonus I have another F.O to show you! huzzah! Do you remember this yarn?

from Neighborhood Fiber Co. site.

I had snagged it while at vogue knitting live back in march. Actually a group of us decided that we would do a mini knit along! The sample that was knitted with this yarn at the neighborhood fiber co.'s booth was actually Joji Locatelli's Imagine When Shawl. As soon as I had tried it on, I knew I wanted this shawl, in this yarn.

Our knit along was very simple. We just needed to cast on at the same time, and there were no deadlines. This was something I knew I could commit to! I really do love the result of my new shawl! And the colour! gah! It's really just so stunning!

And so back in March, I cast on and just plugged away at this shawl whenever I had the chance. I truly enjoyed knitting it.

Here are my deets:
pattern: Imagine When Shawl by Joji Locatelli
yarn: Neighborhood Fiber Co. Capital Luxury Lace. Color: Georgetown.  seriously luxe yarn!
needle: signatures 3.5mm / US 4

My version is a bit smaller, though I made no changes to the pattern, other than use a smaller needle. Looking back, I think a larger needle would have been good... but what can you do. :)

This yarn blocks out beautifully, and the shawl has incredible drape. I really am in love with it! 

This now officially means that I have nothing on the needles for me. what the what?! Besides my work knitting, I have a couple of gift knitting projects on the needles that I can soon share with you! I have been a busy little knitting bee... and loving it!

Wishing you a happy first day of July! What are your plans for the day? Are you celebrating the holiday too? What's on your needles today? xo


  1. the colour on the skein is pretty incredible! and the shawl is LOVERLY! XO

    1. thank you!!! i couldn't stop staring at it.. i just love the colour! xo

  2. It turned out awesome! I love it :)

  3. YAY you're done!! It looks great! I think I'm going to frog mine and re-start with a bigger needle. I honestly think it's too small right now. :(

    1. well it's important to love the end result and if you'd never wear it because it's too small, then i'd frog back too. xo


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