jardain is finally on ravelry!

a few years ago i designed some coasters which were featured on versus. as well as a mention in molly makes!!! .. i call the pattern jardain. it's been received well, and that makes me kinda proud. you can find the free tutorial here. and i'm happy to say jardain is now finally on ravelry! wahoo!

and now i have some news....   i'm working on another pattern! i really hope you like it... i kinda do! it actually came about me doing a custom for someone, and i ended up just making my own pattern along the way. so i've decided to put it to paper... it's not quite ready yet, though i may be looking for some testers, as i don't really know any tech editors that also cover crochet.... of course i'd appreciate all feedback i can get!!

have a happy day! xo


  1. I would love to test crochet it for you, depending on what it is... =)

    Love the coasters!

    1. You might want my ravelry id, huh? amylmason

    2. thanks amy! :) i'll have more details on it soon.. but i'll send you a msg on ravelry too :) chat soon! xo

  2. You know I'm a happy hooker...let me know if you need another tester!

  3. Congratulations ~ your design is lovely.


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