more yarn!

i'm nursing a sick kiddo today. poor little dude seems to have the beginnings of a yucky cold... sore throat and everything..
and since we're supposed to have a cloudy and wet day today... it's a good day to spend some time with sticks & string, movies, and heaps of yarn :)

... speaking of which... these few skeins are the rest of my haul from seattle. :)

going to TOLT was definitely a huge highlight of the trip for me. this shop is incredible, and if you ever have the chance to go... do it. i want to live there.
while i was there, i wanted to buy something very unique... something i couldn't obtain anywhere else, and i found it. YOTH (aka yarn on the house is exclusive to TOLT yarn and wool. This yarn is so very springy and squishy and just plain amazing! when i saw the cowl sample knitted with it, i just had to have it. i snagged 3x skeins of big sister. such a yummy dk... and will knit up in no time!

... i knew i couldn't leave without a skein of hazel knits. this was kind of funny, as i clearly snuck this one in, hoping no one would notice that i was buying more yarn, after i had cut myself off... haha melissa totally caught me hilarious :)

this skein (and i have to apologize for the over exposure... i promise to have better pictures soon)... was a splurge for me. samples are a dangerous thing. i tried on a new cowl design, which surprisingly uses only one skein of this amazingly luxurious yarn, i knew i wanted it.
want to know what i'll be knitting? it's called hallgrimskirkja and it's designed by libby blossom.

photo from ravelry.

it really is light as a cloud, and extremely soft.. such a gorgeous knit! just stunning!

one of my favourite booths was definitely neighborhood fiber co. while i was in virginia last summer, i met up with sandra, the amazing mastermind behind duck duck wool.... and she introduced me to neighborhood yarns. i'm so glad she did! i had bought a skein there, but was sad it was the only one in the stash.. so of course, when this baby kept staring at me, i just had to take it home. it's a massive skein of worsted weight. 400 yards per skein!

i had grabbed a vibrant blue one as well... but i'll be showing that one to you on a different post. :)

so there you have it. i think we're all caught up on my seattle goods... basically.... and now clearly, i need to knit heaps... as my stash has grown considerably over the past year or so? haha. maybe one day i will post a pic of the stash... maybe...

what are you up to today? any lovely knitting by your side? i'll be clicking away on work knitting, and starting a few custom orders.... soon these pretties will be on my needles though... soon!! xo


  1. So Beautiful.....I love all your new buys! Lots of fun ahead for you....

  2. Poor kiddo! I hope he feels better today!! ♥

    And hopefully you'll get to play with these lovely yarns soon too!

  3. OMG those green yarns are SOOO gorgeous!!!


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