taffy toes and warmer weather

hellooooo! miss me?? I can't believe it's march already! and half way through the first week of it at that! geez where has the time gone? our little family ended up taking a very last minute trip to Alberta to celebrate my father in law's retirement. he had no idea we were coming. the look on his face when owen walked into his workplace was priceless! it was a fun weekend, and extremely cold! i am definitely a west coast girl. :)

and just as the last time we took a flight somewhere, owen has lost another tooth! strange timing, but that's how it goes. this makes baby tooth number 4! stop growing up already, kid.

of course, my needles have been steadily busy. i actually have an fo for you! i'm loving these socks.... i really didn't think that i would as i really wasn't a fan of the yarn in the first place. it's amazing how much a skein can change once you knit it up! i made sure to only bring selfish knitting on this trip so as soon as i bound off these babies i cast on another pair of socks!

i honestly thought this was variegated yarn when i bought it (at Michael's rather surprisingly... as there is cashmere in this fibre) and really.... i'm not that big of a fan of variegated yarns... but i figured i had to try this yarn as i've never seen Michael's carry anything with cashmere.....and the price was good. you can imagine my surprise to discover it's actually self striping! haha. so awesome. these socks are definitely knitting up quick. :) i am actually already at the heel gusset! but here's more pictures of the finished socks. yay!

this is definitely a busy month with classes, private lessons, a workshop, and lots of custom orders. (thus the reason for my being kinda quiet)... but i'm really loving it. the fact that this can be my source of income and still be home for owen, and go to all of his many activities.. awesome... and the bonus is how portable knitting is!

vogue knitting live is coming up soon too! in just over a week i'll be heading to seattle! wahoo! i promise to have a post soon about what i hope to finish in time for this event, and what knitting i plan on bringing!

for details on these socks, please check out my ravelry page.

tell me, what are you up to these days? i'd love to chat! xo


  1. Oooo I love that pink, orange and yellow yarn. Its so springy.

  2. I'm on a serious sock knitting kick right now so seeing all your lovelies made me so happy.


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