from the deep

well it has been uber quiet in this space. my poor little dude had a combination of the flu and an ear infection last week. so not fun. and of course, mama is feeling under the weather,... over the weekend i was able to catch up on some much needed sleep....(10:30!!) however sadly, i don't feel much more rested... so clearly, i'm fighting something nasty... at least i get lots of knitting time!
today is family day here in bc. my man has to work, so it's just me and owen today... i think we'll milk this last day before he's back in school....

but speaking of knitting... i have actually been working away on a pair of socks! i'm thinking i just might sign up for the socks with sarah kal. ... even if i am a little late in joining... i just love the idea of always having socks on the go... and really, my stash is mostly fingering weight single skeins... ha.
so i dug down deep in the stash and came up with a skein i thought i probably would never knit with. but michael's surprises me sometimes! i'm kinda totally liking how this is knitting up! it's actually lion brand sock ease. the colour way is taffy i believe.

though i do have to focus on work knitting now.. (so hard when i just want to work away on these!) but it's something to look forward to in the evenings!

how was your weekend? are you celebrating family day today? come chat. i've missed you! xo


  1. It's amazing how a skein can look so different worked up. I have a skein of LB sock yarn in lemon drop and it's homely. I am pretty sure it only made it home with me because it was marked $2.97 and it makes two socks out of one skein. My mom has one too so we decided to make each other a pair. I've started the Hermione Everyday socks and they look a lot nicer than I anticipated. I made them lower as we are hoping to have a little left over from each skein to eeek out a pair for my daughter....we'll see :)

    1. i agree it's so neat to see how different skeins are worked up! hopefully you'll have enough left over for your daughter. i'm a little surprised at the amount of yardage in this skein! xo

  2. Take good, good care and hope you all are better soon. This winter, I have made sure to have a sock on my needles at all times. It's pure comfort knitting! Love the yarn you're working with.

    1. thanks evelyn. xo i'm hoping this sickness takes a big hike very soon... i love the idea of always having socks on the needles. :) i'm already thinking of my next pair. xo


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