market season begins!

and just like that, we are at the start of a new month already! we seem to barely get back on our feet before the bombardment of holiday knitting hits us hard... but i'm ok with that. though holiday knitting has been on my mind since ummm last Christmas it's a given i'll be uber busy. but this weekend I want to take some time to really organize my stash... and figure out my "knitting calendar".
this isn't really any small feat though. my stash has grown substantially since vogue knitting live back in the spring. for real. I brought back a lovely haul from that event, and I've since gone to Virginia, had a few knit picks orders, the plucky yarn keeps coming, and there's been a few extras as well. oh yah, and you got a hint from the other day of knit city.

the hardest thing of all of this is finding time to knit with my own yarns. I've mentioned many times in the past that i'm actually a product knitter. yep, i'm one of the very lucky and few ones out there that is making a living from knitting.... and let me tell you, on top of that I've been agreeing to test knits, a wholesale order, and planning markets. i'm crazy. (but knitters generally are) ;) I do realize I can't do heaps of winter markets though. I love the market atmosphere... even the insane prep period. I really do love it. but with my other obligations, and desire to actually knit for my family and if ever at all possible for myself I've decided to really limit my winter markets.

and if you're in the area, you'll want to go to this one. i'm so excited to announce that i'll be a vendor at the owl designer fair again this year! I absolutely adored this market last year. it was my busiest event, and so much fun!! so mark your calenders.. Dec 6 & Dec 7 at the fernwood community center. you can be sure there will be lots more info on that throughout the month.

I plan on doing something a little different with my booth this year, and i'm excited about it! I can't wait to show you all!!
and so this month is already full and exciting. I love this time of the year!

how is your November looking? do you have any upcoming winter markets? come chat. xo


  1. chantel@mudpunch1 November 2013 at 10:17

    November is my time to really start churning out the Christmas present knits. And yes, I start thinking about what I'm making as early as March, with Christmas yarn purchases starting late April/early May. I've finished 4 of 11 presents, although 2 others are on the needles and close to finishing. Much of what is left on the list is easy, mainly chunky cowls and toques, but I'm a bit worried about squeezing in a Pendulum for my step-mother. That's going to be the project that takes the longest.

    1. wow! i'm impressed! you are by far much farther along than me. haha. well done! oh a pendulum for your step mom sounds amazing! what a generous and thoughtful gift! which colours will you use? thank goodness for the tips in the speed-knitting class, hey? xo

  2. Yay!! Owl Designer is my favourite market to attend!! :) ~Stephanie

    1. hurrah! i'm excited to see you there! xo

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