test test....50 yards!!!

soo I got to be a part of something pretty awesome!

 these are just some of the many cute critters in Rebecca Danger's new book 50 yards of fun. and believe you me, they are so fun to knit up!
haha the raccoon totally made me smile the most... I dunno, i just think he's uber cute...

and he seems to enjoy hanging out with the slug ;) I think they're best buds...

I had the opportunity to be one of the test knitters for this book, so I can honestly tell you first hand how awesome it is. :)

... because her toys rock. they make the perfect gifts!!  well I think so anyways, because I'd love to get one of these critters in my stocking! xo gack! I can't even pick a favourite, from peter bunyan, to nano ninja, and then I see the little luchador! oh so many!! every Christmas my mom would put a little stuffie at the top of  our stockings... like they were just hanging out waiting for us... and I've continued the tradition with my little man... all of these would be so perfect!

 ... of course, owen has already seen these little dudes and have played with them heaps... so you know.. I'll have to knit more. something he is crazy excited about!

... it's very awesome... and so hard to choose which I'll knit up next!

want to check out the book?

 you can purchase it here and here.
to find out more about Rebecca (best name ever) ...

It would also make a fantastic Christmas gift for the knitter in the family! seriously so many fun patterns in here!

all of the patterns are very clear and easy to follow, and with them being toys, gauge isn't crucial, as you pick your yarn and your needles! hurrah! using up your leftover odds and ends with this as an outcome is just fantastic!  I've knit many of Rebecca's patterns, and love them all. they have such personalities!  I can't help but talk to them once they're all assembled, they are so stinking cute. haha.

have you knit from Rebecca Danger's patterns? which are your faves? have you started holiday knitting yet??? come chat! xo


  1. Oh how fun!! I LOVE the raccoon!! ~Stephanie

  2. Yay for being a test knitter for one of the awesome-est toy pattern writers around :D They're so cute! I have yet to invest in this book...You're making it very tempting!!

    1. I love her patterns!!! you should definitely check the book out. you can see all of the pics of each pattern on ravlery.. every time I see a toy I just have to knit there are always more ... it's hard to choose! xo

  3. Cuteness overload! I need to make little creeturs for my wee ones. I've had my eye on this book after several of the patterns popped up on rav! I might have to get it...

    1. they're so fun to knit! seriously the luchador??? or the nano ninja? gah! xoxox


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