i promise i've been knitting!

it's time to chat summer sweater knit along!!

although we are all well into the summer sweater knit along, let me just do my first official post about it, m'kay? haha. honestly, where has the summer gone?!? I thought I had heaps of time to do both sweaters I had in mind... but we'll see now. haha. considering i'm using 3.25mm needles i'd say I've got some serious knitting ahead of me...

but i'm up for it. because look at these lovely colours!! and this is going to be so soft and so warm when it's done!

this is certainly a sweater I have to have patience for though. not because it's difficult. it's really not ...but it's knit up in sport weight yarn. my drops alpaca I think is even smaller than what the designer originally used... and as i'm a loose knitter, I need even smaller needles (the norm for me..) I am however really enjoying this knit, and I have not gotten at all bored with the stockinette. the short rows at the beginning were such an interesting introduction to the first stripe... and i'm loving knitting with my signature needles.. (clearly i'm in love).  after knitting all day for work knitting, i'm reaching for my robin. I really am loving it! xo

as some of you know... the plan is also to knit up boxy in wollmeise..(wasabi)! and when I started a swatch in 3.5mm needles I have to say I thought it was too loose... so now i'm waiting out for my 3.25mm. good incentive to finish up the robin. :)

wanting to join in on the summer sweater knit along? you can even include your wips this year!! which is a total bonus and incentive to finish up long ago projects!!

dates: start - July 24th
          end - September 18th (but there's usually an extension so you've got heaps of time!)
for sign up head on over here
and for all other info regarding the rules... check out luvinthemommyhood's ravelry forum on it.
it's really such a blast and there are so many friends to be made! xo

tell me, how are you doing on the sskal? which sweater is on your needles?? this morning looks like an overcast day, complete with showers! we've promised my little a kung fu trial this evening before heading out for pirate pack day at whitespot...(apparently the grown ups get pirate packs too.. haha) and then drinks out with a friend... i'd say it's a good day to get some knitting done. no?


  1. I love it!! The colours are amazing - that turquoise is my fave colour at the moment so it's killing me. Have to add yet another sweater to my wish list. Can't wait to see it in you - it will look great! xoxoR

    1. thank you Rachel!! I wish we were neighbours and could knit together more often. xoxo

  2. chantel@mudpunch14 August 2013 at 12:22

    Yay for the White Spot visit today. Pirate Pak day is a family tradition in my house.

    1. weee! this is the very first we've heard of it! do all of the adults get pirate packs as well? ? xo


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