final prep!

Well we're into the final stages of prepping for fibrations. this weekend is going to be fun! Markets, for me, are always a blast... I like the crazy prep, the nervousness, the rushing around... I don't know why, but I do. The weather looks lovely for Sunday though! And you can bet I'll be ready to see all you fiber-loving folks!

There is something kind of magical about fibrations. Being an outdoor market is definitely part of it. If you're in the area, I highly suggest you come on by to check it out! Admission is free, and the toonie raffle is amazing! The prizes to be won are better than ever! Vendors have stepped it up a notch, and the items being offered for the raffle are enough to make anyone giggle with glee! I know I have my eye on many items! Come browse, bring a blanket.. knit in the sun,.. enjoy some of the food vendors, and shop! Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!
Here are the details again on the event!

I can't wait to see you!

have a fantastic weekend! full of sun, yarn, friends, good coffee, and heaps of smiles. xo


  1. Very exciting! Good luck this weekend and have fun! xoxo

    1. thanks Hannah!! wish you could be there! xo

  2. Yahoo! can't wait to hop on the ferry in the morning and go to fibrations! have been looking forward to it since missed it last year as was hugely pregnant :)

  3. oh i'm so excited you can come! be sure to stop by our booth! will your little be with you too? xo

  4. of course! i'll be the one with the very blonde(though not much of it)haired baby on her back!

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