deep breath.

We are clinging onto the last few days of summer here. Listening to the hum, and basking in the late evening sunlight. I'm beginning to store away my favourite memories of this season... ...and look forward to cozy knits, heathered yarns, tweedy textures.... mingled with the sound of the fire, and cooler temperatures.

It's crazy how fast this past summer has gone. But that must mean it was a good one.... jam packed full of fun, giggles, sunscreen, water parks, slip and slides, campfires, and hammocks.
We've got some big changes on our horizon. Owen is getting ready for his very first days of school, and daddy has to leave on Monday morning for a two month trip to sea.
So as we quietly tuck away our summer... we look forward to the newness of fall... and what cozy, and exciting things that will bring for us. Already my brain is tinkering away of warm woolen patterns.. my fingers are itching to make squishy sweaters and toques.

I plan to have an extended weekend from the blog. Monday will most likely be an emotional day for us, and I think a quiet day full of cuddles, hugs, and fall planning will be in order. Wishing you a wonderful end of summer!

what do you have planned for your weekend? are you anticipating fall? xo


  1. wow, my dear. i know you're been preparing for this for a while. it sounds like its been the most amazing summer though - such wonderful memories to hold on to until you are all back together again. ((hugs)).

    1. xoxoxo thanks margo... it's gonna be a tough transition I think, but nothing that comfort season, and knitting can't certainly help with. I was just reading your post from today too..it seems we are both thinking the same things. xo

  2. I have been watching my sisters family deal with daddy going to sea for almost 20 years. It never seems to get easier, does it? At least you guys had a great summer and your little guy has something new happening in his life too to help distract. Lots of hugs and snuggles will do wonders! Enjoy your weekend together!
    RavID: violingirl76

    1. Hi sarah! so nice to see you here!!! and you're right, it really doesn't seem to get easier.. though we do our best. I am so happy that we had such a full summer.... thank goodness i'll have every evening to knit ;) xo


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