summer planning!!

monday already? this weekend definitely went by quickly. but it was a fantastic weekend! heaps of outdoor time, my hubby came home, and we had a grand father's day! (of course he was spoiled) ;) owen made daddy a book. it's one of the arts and crafts he tends to actually sit down and follow through with. haha. he draws all of the pictures and then tells me exactly what to write. easy peasy, but the outcome is so darling. and definitely a treasure to hang on to :) how did you celebrate your weekend?
though i wish i had gotten more selfish knitting done, i was pretty productive. our first vacation this summer begins next week so i have to make sure i'm all caught up with work stuff.... though i'm happy to say i've made some great progress on a little something i'll be sharing with you hopefully before too long!

as for today, it's time to get back into the swing of things. beginning of a new week, and basically the beginning of summer here... it's always tricky coming up with a new "routine" but i think this summer will definitely be a fun one for us! (we have 2 trips planned!!! but more on that later)....

i have heaps of knitting planned (of course) as i'm hoping to partake in a winter market or two... (sooooo crazy that i'm thinking that far ahead... eeks!)

how about you? how was your weekend? any exciting things planned for this week? are you feeling organized and ready for your summer routine? come chat! coffee's on and  my needles are clicking away! xoxo

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