longest day :)


the fact that today is summer solstice, ... the longest day of the year... and it's a friday is really really good.
i'm definitely looking forward to the warmer weather. the lazy days... bonfires.. heaps of knitting.... camping... swimming... all of it. it's going to be a really fun summer for us this year...
we're planning on a couple of big trips. the first being to alberta.. (we leave next week!) just for a week, and the second trip is to virginia!!! this is super exciting for us, as neither my husband or i have been there. my sister and her hubby and their 3 kids live there..
also we haven't seen my side of the family in over 2 years. it's definitely about time. we're also kind of taking this opportunity to go this summer, because my hubby is going to be leaving for sea at the end of summer until the end of october, or early november... so we're making some fantastic memories now. :)

though it's another grey and windy day here, we're happy it's friday.. the coffee is on, and my knitting needles are clicking away wildly! tell me, what are you working on today? and what do you have planned for the weekend? i have another race to run in.. and my little man is running in his first one. he's uber excited.

ok summer. we're ready for you!! come chat! i'd love to hear of your weekend plans! any summer solstice parties? xo

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