top, tanks, and tees... work + shelter makes me happy

we're already one week in to luvinthemommyhood's  tops, tanks and tees knit along. and oh my am i ever impressed at how much progress a lot of you are making! seriously! it's crazy. lol.

i honestly wish i could say that i've been making that same progress, but not so much. lol. i had cast on a few days late, and then after the ribbing, i ended up ripping it all out. i really thought it was going to be too big.
so i'm now down to knitting my work + shelter tee on 4mm needles. :)
but so far, i'm loving it!

let's also keep in mind, i have another knitting gig that keeps me knitting just about full time hours... so i'd say my progress is going quite well... no? but just you wait. i'm a stubborn girl... (it's the dutch in me, i can't help it). i am determined to catch up this weekend!

sometimes false starts make for better knits anyways.

have you joined in on the knit along? how far along have you gotten? are you dealing with false starts? come chat, i'd love to hear about your progress! xo


  1. Woot! I love the pattern and the colour will look awesome on you!
    I started my Gemini last week but had to stop after the lace part. I had to order needle tips from elann.com (their warehouse is in Delta... who knew? :D )and my Mum-in-law is picking them up for me. I'll be picking them up this weekend so I can continue knitting this top like a mad woman... :)

    Hope you're enjoying the beautiful sun! :) *hugs*

  2. Looks awesome! I can't wait to see what mods you are making!

  3. Looking great so far!! You'll get caught up with those speedy needles of yours! xoxo

  4. thanks everyone!! jenn, i'm so enjoying the sun :) i made it down to beehive today to check out the gorgeous madtosh yarn they have in... sarah, thanks so much! i'm basically just doing thicker bands of lace and knitting :)
    rachel.. you're sweet. i sure hope i catch up!
    hha now off for a run, maybe that will help get my butt in gear :) lol

    1. Oh dear I think I may have to get myself down to Beehive tomorrow during preschool then...
      I've been searching for a particular madtosh colourway called "opaline." I SO need to find it :)

    2. definitely go have a peek! they have a fair amount in :) i'm trying hard to remember if i saw opaline... but there were so many :) lol. xo

  5. Love, love, love the color and texture that you're knitting up. I have joined the KAL but have yet to even decide on which pattern I want to knit. After my craft fair is done tomrorow, it's back to knitting FOR ME! : )

    1. hurrah for knitting for yourself! thanks so much on the work + shelter love. i'm so loving it too!! good luck with your craft fair tomorrow! i bet you'll do great and have so so much fun! xoxo


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