the most important things.....

our little family has been so very busy these last few weeks. grandma and papa will  be headed back to alberta tomorrow, so today is our last day of visiting. i've been wanting to post more photos, (even take more photos) of knitting projects on the go, and even finished... but familiy visiting is first..

i promise you though that we'll be getting back on track here soon, and you'll be subject to lots of knitterly photos :)

we've had a great visit though! and mixed with tball games and practises, slow pitch games, and swimming lessons, it sure has been a full one! please bear with me as i take the next couple of days to reorganize and regroup. i can't believe this next weekend is a long one! sadly we didn't even think of reserving a campspot... so i'm not sure what we're doing.

at any rate it will be good. here's hoping i can get some balcony gardening in!

how are things going for you? are you a busy bee like us here? what is on your needles? come chat! xo


  1. Looking forward to your knitterly photos and updates soon but for now, it's really good that you take the time to be with family. : - )


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