marshmallows and knitting

it's friday already! hurrah!!! let's all do a happy dance, m'kay? yes.

want to know what i have planned for the weekend? camping!! that's right. it's gonna be amazing too because i think the weather is supposed to be up in the 20's . (that's good)

so as i rush about this morning, trying to pack, tidy up the house, and not forget my knitting... i'm seriously looking forward to putting up my feet this evening and getting a huge chunk of knitting done over the weekend. for real. i only realized yesterday that the ttt kal was over at the end of the month. hahah i have to seriously get my knit on! .. and i most definitely can't forget my headlamp :)

what do you have planned? i'd love to hear about it! any celebrations for may 5th? there might be a corona in my hand in the weekend... ;)  xo


  1. Fun! I haven't had my first camp of the year yet.... hopefully sometime soon! We are headed to Kelowna to visit my brother-in-law this weekend.... it is supposed to be beautiful there too.... can't wait! Have a great weekend! ~Stephanie

    1. oh have fun in kelowna!! we're lucky we've started our camping season early, but having a tent trailer helps with that :) have a fantastic weekend!! xo

  2. Oh, have fun! Knitting and camping are the perfect combination. I can't wait til summer so I can knit on a road trip and around the fire at night, along with all the other outdoorsy stuff. I had the same realization about the TTTKAL and had to make some progress on my top this week.


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