kal progress and a boo boo...

soooo it feels like i say this every time i post these days, but how is it so late in the week already?? time is seriously flying here. but it's ok. we've been filling our days to the brim with heaps of fun activities, lessons, practises, race training.... and trying to be as productive as possible. to be honest, i'm a little scared of what summer has in store for us if we're this busy now! lol.

throughout the busy-ness and crazy of it all, i've been trying to keep poking away at pendulum. oh yah, remember that one? lol. i reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaally want it done for the deadline for the "pour moi" kal. i still have a bit of time, and a fair bit of knitting so who knows what could happen? (but i must say...this is a bigger project than i once thought for some reason..)

the worst thing happened the other day, and since then, the shawl has been in time out. a stitch was dropped. usually not a big deal, but it stresses me out sooooooooo much when it's in garter st. i should have gotten a picture, i had to pick up the stitch all the way down to a colour change, it was several rows by the time i was done fiddling with it.
ugh. not fun. but i'm happy enough with the surgery results, (i think you can barely tell.... well you can kind of tell...)

 ...and i think i'll be ready to pick up the shawl today. though i'm sure it won't be until after my little man is in bed.

i'm still loving this shawl. to bits. the colours are pretty stunning together, and i'm excited to have it draped around me! my original plan was to knit until i run out of yarn. it's starting to make me think that i'll have a pretty big shawl. (and that's fairly ambitious for a kal with a looming deadline, i think) but i'm sticking to the plan.... for now :) there is a fair bit of yarn left....

we're still on good terms, this shawl and i... even though a time out was involved. i think more for my sake than for the shawl's. hahah i have been pretty tired what with our crazy schedule, and i couldn't risk dropping any more stitches. honestly, it took me way too long to fix. haha. i am still loving all of these rows of squishy garter though!!

i have so been enjoying reading the thread on this kal. doing something just for the sake of selfish knitting is so nice! especially since the majority of things on my needles these days are not for me.  queue work knitting, and now soon to be fall and winter market planning (wha?? what about summer!! i know... )

now i'm being sneaky and i'm eating a white chocolate and raspberry scone this morning for breakfast... and i need to finish it before the kiddo wakes up... because this one is just "pour moi" as well :)

hope your projects are going along well! anything special on your needles just for you these days? come chat! xoxo


  1. Those colours!
    They're striking!!

  2. Considering how much work knitting you have to do, I'd say you're doing pretty awesome with this shawl!! And after a good blocking, you won't be able to even tell where you've dropped that stitch! :)

    1. that's what i'm hoping! thanks melissa! xoxo

  3. I likes the colours of the wool and needles. what needles are you using? what is the name?
    when I see the first photograph, I thought that you use straight needles, but I´m wrong.

    1. amaia, i use a few different needles, but the ones on this particular project are my fave. they are signature needles. the yarn harlot calles them the ferrari of knitting needles.. and i think that they are :) my pal misocrafty actually wrote a fab post about the needles : http://www.misocraftyknits.com/2013/04/knitterly-things-signature-needle-arts.html

      i highly suggest you read it :) xox

    2. Jajjajajajaja.
      Thanks, i'm going to read the post..

  4. Loving your colour combo!


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