a step back... for inspiration :)

i am recognizing that i can't necessarily fit it all in. though i desperately want to. sometimes i have to let one thing slide. and for me, yesterday it was the post. it's ok though. because i'll always come back to this space. i get so much from sharing with you, and chatting so much yarny goodness :) it's a favourite space for me for sure!

Source: etsy.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

and so it was a quiet one yesterday... it felt good to get the office organized though. one of these days, i might just "flash my stash" :) though i seem to have run out of shelf space. lol! i have been collecting some lovelies ever since vogue knitting live. and i really seem to have gotten "the yarn bug" pretty bad. lol. it's ok though. there are worse things to collect for sure. and i know i will knit with them. i so look forward to it too!

..aren't those mason jar covers the cutest ever??

i have felt really inspired by my stash. this is a really good thing! and i'm seeing heaps of colour. i'm super excited about that!

the only complaint i have is that i just don't have enough hours in the day. but isn't that the case with most of us? i think so :) in the meantime, i've got work knitting to tackle, and then some serious KAL knitting. i can't wait to show you my progress!

i'm also already dreaming of casting on another project :) it's a nice thing when us hard-core knitters are super excited about knitting all year long. don't you think so?

so tell me, what's on your needles? are you making good progress? feeling excited about your next knit or crochet project? i'd love to chat! let's stay inspired! xo


  1. Those mason jar covers are ADORABLE!

    1. i know! i love them! i want to make them:) xo

  2. I'm with you on the die-hard knitting bus :) Lately I've been a monogamous knitter (one project at a time) and while I doubt it'll stay that way forever I sure do love how things actually get finished in a decent amount of time. Even with 2 projects finished for the TTTKAL I just HAD to cast on another project...this time for me :)

    I'm hoping after the baby is born I can splurge on some yarn to make myself a sweater for the fall :)

    1. that would be lovely!!! happy knitting buffy! xo


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