you know what day it is....

i feel so very fortunate to have the life that i do. i have a healthy family, we have a roof over our heads. and i am loving LOVING this life.

there's always a lot of pressure on this day... and i'm usually not really a big fan of making a hoopla out of it.. last night i was dearly surprised with flowers and chocolate from my boys, and my little man's hand written words of "i love you" is really enough to make me melt.

he's really excited to create something for his daddy, so that will be on the agenda today. but mostly, today we're just going to really appreciate this life. health, family, and the dearest of friends.

i'm not allowed to complain. not today.   instead, i must just have a real appreciation for what we do have.
thank you so much for sharing this space with me. i have to say, that the crafting world.. knitters, crocheters, bakers, etc.etc.. is so inviting, and so great to be a part of! i'm looking forward to so much more. this year, 2013 has some very special things in store.. and i'm really excited about it!

wishing you all a lovely valentine's day! thank you for being a part of my life. xo 


  1. Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy your day with your family! :) ~Stephanie

    1. thanks stephanie!! and a very happy valentine's day to you too! xoxo


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