weekend celebration

it's friday! can i get a woop woop hurrah!!!!??
it's an incredibly wet and grey and windy morning here, but no matter.. because since it's technically the beginning of the weekend, we can watch a few movies and knit away, no? :)

and since my post yesterday that included the adorable crochet bunting, i've had buntings on my brain ever since. of course i have... and look what i just spotted this morning?

Source: ravelry.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

how cute are these?!?! this pattern is called farm stand flags and is by sarah young. see the rav link here. the one pictured is a knit variation of it, but guess what, she's got crochet instructions too!! wahoo! so we're all happy, really.  i just think buntings are such a great way to celebrate anything really.weddings, birthdays, change of seasons, and even just decorating! yeah, i love me some colourful bunting...

this weekend i'm actually planning on going to knit night! i can't tell you how happy and excited that makes me! i love my knit night girls, and it's been far too long since i've been able to attend one... so there will be much chatting, coffee, giggles, and knitting away.

of course, i'm also teaching both tonight and on sunday.. so we'll be having a very very full weekend stuffed with knitting :) sunday's class is all about cowls! if you're in the area and want to knit one, come on by for a class! you get your choice of 3 of jane richmond's cowls offered at the cloth castle. it's gonna be fun!

tell me, what are you up to this weekend? are you doing anything special with this last weekend in february? i'd love to hear about it! happy weekend, friends! wishing you a lovely one full of yarn, good coffee and tea, yummy treats, giggles, and snuggles with your loved ones. xoxo


  1. Where do you teach classes? And that bunting is AWESOME! Have a great weekend! :) ~Stephanie

    1. thanks stephanie! i totally want to knit up that bunting :) i teach at the cloth castle out in langford :) happy weekend!! xo


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