i was reminded that i seem to have left you all in the dark about the february fox fair! how horrible of me!!! and for that i'm so sorry :) i had also fully intended to blog about it on the weekend, a little surprise post -what have you - but clearly the weekend happened so fast, and i didn't get the post up.

i'll tell you about it now though.
it was so much fun! there were so many fantastic vendors there!!! and to be grouped in with these particular vendors was such an honor!

it was a bustling place, and i was so happy to meet many readers! honestly, i can't say how giddy it makes me feel to finally "meet" several readers face to face!

sadly, i didn't have my camera with me, as the charger had not yet been found at that point (it's found now though) ... however kate of scientific culture wrote up a lovely post about the fair! and i was completely excited to see that my table was one she spoke of in the post! thank you, kate!!

how was your weekend? what did you get up to doing? our little family took advantage of the beautiful sunny weather, and went for a hike. it was so fun, and incredibly needed. it's amazing what a little fresh air does the the body.

but now it's back to the grind... what are you up to today? xo


  1. Hahaha, I was wondering if you were ever going to post about the Fox Fair!

    Lovely family photo too! :)


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