i've written about this before, but i do think it bears repeating. it's so hard to find a balance especially in this day and age... and sometimes just repeating that fact makes it seem a bit easier to find, somehow...
while being a stay at home mom, i'm trying to juggle so many things.. and i think a lot of us (as women) feel that we need to wear so. many. hats.
with all of the busy-ness of life since, oh i don't know.. the summer? (i can't believe how fast the months seem to just fly by)... i feel like finding that routine still hasn't happened for us. not really. but maybe that is our routine... just being busy. and that's ok. however finding the time to breathe and just be needs to happen more often, i think.

but i'm very happy to report that my life feels so much more like it's getting back to normal! the market season is dying down for me (with changes to come for the fall markets!) and i've been able to focus on the home. we've been updating our furniture a bit, rearranging the furniture, and trying to find a new "balance" in the home.
i'm not going to lie to you, it's exhausting... my sweet husband did a trip to ikea (which we don't have on the island.. so it includes a ferry ride and an added 3hrs in travel) and promptly started assembling things as soon as he got home... we've been up late at night trying to organize our home.. and there is still much to do.. but it's really coming together! i have a new creative space that i hope to share with you soon! of course in the crazy life we've had i seem to have misplaced the camera charger! and so that is my mission this week... to find it. i'm really hoping it's just still stuck in a small corner of a bag we used for our trip to calgary last month...

i'm one of those people who needs order and calm surroundings in order to feel and be productive. for real. when i was younger, i couldn't even study for a test unless my room was clean ;) maybe it was my way of procrastinating? i dunno... but at any rate, i now feel the need to have my home organized and "mostly" tidy before i can feel really productive in my knitting work. which.. i might add, is growing, and keeping me busier and busier... love it!

so while i've been trying to find the balance, i have to say, i really appreciate you. all of our little chats, notes on facebook, friendly hello's ... they mean the world to me, and keep me focused on the reason i need to get this balance thing organized.. i want to be able to continue spending time in this space with you as often as i can during the week...

so thank you ... for your lovely friendships, and for your patience with me while i get myself gathered here... and hopefully find that charger so i can show you the fruits of our labour. i am incredibly excited about 2013.. i feel so much will change in this upcoming year...

tell me, what are your key plans of attack when finding that balance? how has this year been treating you so far? have the months also been flying by for you? come chat. coffee's on... and i've got lovely yarn at the ready... xo


  1. i'm totally with you. we're still going through our own refresh at home. it's ongoing. and with 2 little toddlers, nothing ever feels done or tidy. and of course, it all interferes with knitting time.

    happy thoughts to you.

    enjoy the process as much as you can. the fact that you're making time to do this is the biggest clue that change is necessary. it will feel good very soon. xo

  2. My friend and I were just talking about this today! I found the main thing not to use the word 'should'. I 'should' clean out the back bedroom, I should clean out the kitchen cupboards, I should train to run a 10K.... I am working on doing what NEEDS to be done, and then trying to take the time to think about what I would like to do. Also, I am a real list maker. I try to do that so that things stop running around in my head. I find it easier to tackle things when they are out down on paper (and yes, I use paper, not my iPad) and I can put them in order of importance.

    Good luck in finding your balance, I hope your fair went well!

  3. Well I think the secret for me when trying to gain balance is to start saying no. I have come to realize that saying yes to something means I'm saying no to something else and that something else is usually time with my husband and kids, being able to do the things that I like to do and adds to my stress.

    So when I feel out of balance when someone asks me to do something I tell them I'll think and pray about it and get back to them. Then I'll go back with a flat out no, other times I'll say not at this time but hopefully in the future or other times I'll say yes but outline my limitations.

    Also I've started to think of time as more circular than linear. That just because I can't do something now doesn't mean I won't ever get to do it (like I would really love to go to the Yarn Harlot's Sock Summit but it might be a few years before I can make that happen). So when things get out of control and I feel like I need to stop something I remind myself that stopping now doesn't mean forever, just for the moment.

    Personally, I tend to take a few weeks to regroup and refocus and gain a better perspective. I ask myself what I would loose that I have right now if were to pursue something else that I want. Focusing on what I already have, counting my blessings, really helps me to find center and then move out in the right direction for my life at that moment. It really helps to lower expectations.

    Okay...so I've written you a mini-novel :) Hope it helps you to knit more and spend more time with your men.

  4. I'm not sure that I have any recommendations - especially since I'm a week away from everything turning upside down. Next week I'll be back in the office as a working momma. Scary and exciting at the same time. I'm nervous to leave the baby but also excited for a new challenge (and so very curious about what's been happening in the office while I've been out...). But I think finding balance involves a specific mind set - one where you focus on what you really want. Basically cut out the crap that doesn't matter and doesn't help you. And always simplify. If you can make the steps easier to get something done, then definitely do that.

  5. I am right there too - I can't think in a mess and with four kids I am finding it is a mess A LOT right now... My current tactic is to head home after dropping the older three at school and clean and tidy like a mad thing while I am on the phone. Times goes soooo much faster when I'm chatting and cleaning the loo...
    Balance is a tricky beast - some times it helps to have a total change for scene for a few hours or a day and come back refreshed.
    One day I'm planning to start earning some money again. But right now that's just a lovely dream - with my kids, the house and my blog I am pretty busy...
    Take it easy - it will be all still be there tomorrow :)

  6. thank you everyone so very much for your kind words. xox it's hard finding balance, but i'm feeling closer and closer to being able to slow things down and really focus on the important things :) what a lucky girl i am to have such dear friends like you. xo

  7. I totally understand the tidy home needs. My kitchen HAS to be clean before I can get to work. I don't even work out of my kitchen! But it's the hub of everything else around here and if I don't have any clear counter space I am a wreck!

    1. it's so good to know i'm not the only one :) <3 xo


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