honestly, i just don't know where the time goes. my little man is now 5 years old today! i have enjoyed every minute of it, as has les. we love him so much!

but please, can we slow time down just a little?

we're having a special day today with our owen... it will be just the three of us... (and a party on the weekend!) . what are you up to today? xo (oh and the sweater he's wearing in the pic is one i made for him while waiting to go into labour haha) xo


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    1. isn't he the cutest?! of course, i might be biased ;) xo

  2. Biased you may be, but he is adorable! Mine turned 5 just a couple of weeks ago, and I can only agree that time should slow down a little. I mean they start school this year! It's crazy! Happy Birthday!

    1. i know! i'm so going to cry on the first day of school! haha. but he had a blast for his birthday. complete with the restaurant staff singing to him too :) haha. now here's hoping we can give him a little brother or sister one day ;) xo


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