emerging from the deep.

and we're back!!! oh i've missed you all!! it's amazing how quickly this year is already flying by. i know i say that a lot but it's true. we're back from visiting the most darling, adorable, sweet baby boy! i'm so excited to be an auntie again! babies are the best, aren't they? hee hee..

and now that we're home, i can finally say it's time to find our routine. .... at the end of january! crazy!

and there's nothing like diving into routine with a full plate of things to do... work, kindergarten registration (i'm-gonna-cry), actually for real exercising,  classes, and markets! i have heaps to organize, but i'm so ready for it! i feel like we're still on christmas holiday mode. for real. but now we're getting serious.

while i was away in alberta, i was a busy bee... as you know i have a market coming up. but i was also busy with selfish knits. shhhhh. ;) i promise to have a nice f.o post for you in the very near future... :)

but here i go, trying to find my footing, and you know i'm making lists for my lists! hah. i have the february fox fair coming up in less than 3 weeks! and my needles will be flying. no kidding. i have lots of lovlies planned for the market, but i also have sold out classes to start teaching! starting tomorrow! honestly, there's nothing like diving in head first, don't you think? ;)

so even though i'm a little late to the party, routine-wise.. i'm back, and i'm so ready to have you a part of my routine... i've really missed all of you so much! i feel like with christmas and winter market prep, i've been out of it a bit on the blog... no matter.. i'm here now.. and raring to go! hahaha

... um have i already had too much coffee? lol! so today i'm doing ridiculous amounts of laundry... and finding my pretty f.o's from the trip, as well as a few goodies from a little yarn and tea date i had while in calgary :) ohhh i'm excited to show you!

tell me, how was your week? what did you tackle? are you full on back into your routine from the holidays? any tips for me? (lol) what do you have on your needles? i've missed you! come chat.. there is lots of coffee (ok i'll make more). xo


  1. Looking forward to browsing at the February Fox Fair! :)

    1. hurrah! i'm excited to see you guys! i think it's going to be a fantastic event! xo

  2. I finished a secret swap item and am dying to show it off but have to wait until Valentine's Day when she opens it...sigh.
    I'm kind of shawl-ed out for the moment so I started a Regina hat. Such a fun knit!
    Welcome back!

    1. hiii! oh dear, i think i'm just starting my shawl obsession. lol! and i haven't even cast on yet! ;) can't wait to hear about the swap! xo

  3. Replies
    1. i agree, it's adorable! pinterest to the rescue ;) xo


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