best weekend!

happy monday!!
how was your weekend? mine was pretty good. actually no, it was fantastic! basically i was surrounded by knitterly friends, and yarn, and tea, and yarn shopping, and knitting... all weekend long!
Source: etsy.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

with all of the christmas market hype and preparations, i was kept crazy busy, and based a lot at home... (also having my hubby at sea for the bulk of december kept things interesting and busy here too)... and oh i've missed my dear friends! this weekend was just what i needed to remember to take time for me. to enjoy in some of the finer things... to breathe, chat, sip fave teas, chat fave (and maybe not so fave) yarns... and just be.


i was still busy though, but i wouldn't have changed a thing. ;) we kicked off the weekend with jane richmond's book launch ISLAND at knotty by nature. so fun! as most of you already know, jane and shannon are two of my besties, and i am so proud of them! i jumped right in at the chance to help wherever i could for the event... so arika and i busied ourselves with baking, and food prep...

the night was a blast. i honestly had so so much fun! and to top it off, i finally got to meet liisa from socks-a-plenty!!!! she suprised me along with misocrafty knits! how seriously stunned i was to see you, liisa! and so happy!

haha my smile was so big all night long!
here are a few more pics of the night :)

the location was really just fantastic! such a great vibe at knotty by nature!

i most definitely need to come downtown more...
and sunday's decision for tea and knitting, and yarn shopping was just what i needed...

and with all of this chatting of yarn shopping, of course... let me show you my goodies :)

some madtosh fingering in jade and thunderstorm... sooo beautiful!

and this yarn is new to me... i hadn't heard of it before.. but isn't it absolutely beautiful?

i've got a hankering to knit with smaller yarn and smaller needles a bit more.. i'll always have lots on the needles... um i do actually have another market coming up in just over 3 weeks! eeks (but more on that later this week) but you know, having some other knitting on the go is also fun.
my hubby is back to work today... so we are finally going to try to find our routine.. (and it's already half way through january! crazy)
but i'm happy for it.

how was your weekend? what did you get up to? were you good to yourself? i'd love to chat! xoxo


  1. Becca such awesome photos of the night!!! What a great post, it's so fun to see the event through someone else's lens, it felt like such a blur to me.

    Thank you so so much for all of your help and for keeping me sane, you are the bestest friend a girlie could ask for <3

    1. xoxox i'm just so excited and happy and proud of you! and i feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends! i know you'd all do the same for me. xoxoxo already i'm looking forward to our next date. xo

  2. Looks like SO much fun (the very therapeutic kind)...thanks for the pics and the chance to live it vicariously!

    1. it was really the perfect weekend, and just what i needed... too bad you don't live closer, and i would have taken you! xoxoxo


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