exciting opportunities! and more coffee, please.....

here i've been trying to be so organized in getting christmas knitting in there, and guess what. i've barely even started it! i've been staying up until 1am every night this week.... as is custom in december for me, but it's been for filling orders!
what a busy little place nook. has been!

this has been the first real winter season that nook. has been really involved in winter markets and the like. being more recognized, and now having my product in a store is amazing. yah, you heard that right! wilde and sparrow are now carrying my boot cuffs! i just wish i could knit faster so i could have sent more to them straight off! if you live in the nanaimo and parksville area, be sure to check them out!

you should also check out their facebook page and send them some love. xo being amongst the other super talented designers in their store is such an honor, and i'm excited about this adventure!

i have all of you to thank for this though :) you've given me such encouragement and confidence to keep this little dream of mine alive.. and i'm so happy that it's starting to explode with opportunities! what a happy mama this makes me! nook. is still very young, i realize.. but being almost at 300 likes on facebook also puts a silly grin on my face ;)

of course, this means, i'm still in the usual panic of pre-christmas creating, but for some reason, this is how i seem to be the most productive... under pressure ;)

and i have been productive! but i have pics yet to take, so i can share it with you ;) and this week, the weather has been so so dark and wet... also, owen and i have been running around and dashing about every day.. to the post office, running errands.. that it's already dark when we get home... so hopefully today, i'll have an opportunity to snap some photos :) and even more importantly, hopefully i can cast on for a special little christmas stocking  :)

my motto these days?

of course while listening to christmas music ;)

how are you doing in this pre-christmas season? how is your crafting schedule? do you have the christmas music playing along in the background? and much coffee and tea?  are you up all hours as i am? maybe i'll bump into you you on facebook! sharing words of encouragement sounds like a plan to me ;) xo


  1. Congrats on your bigger market and I love the cable detail on your boot cuffs!

  2. Rebecca, what incredible news! The cuffs are soooo cute! I have been following your blog since it had, I don't know, maybe 15 followers, and it's been amazing to see it grow and evolve! Congrats!

    1. thank you so very much, monica!! xoxoxo i'm so happy to have you with me on this journey! xo


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