a promise is a promise...

geez. i can't believe how late today's post is in going up! lol. oh well... sometimes when you really are this busy, things just shift around. ah well.. hope you are enjoying your tea, and having a little read here :)

remember when i went to knit city back in october? well one very wonderful friend of mine gave up her whole weekend just to help me out with the booth. how nice is that? we stayed at her place, ate her food... drank her wine (well maybe we bought some too... ) ;)
and to show my deepest thanks, i knitted her something.

and i love it. to be totally honest, i had a hard time wrapping it up to send with my hubby to go to sea. lol! he's stopping in vancouver on the weekend, and he'll deliver it to her for me then. how nice is that?

i'm betting a lot of you already know what pattern this is... but for the sake of being clear:
it's arbutus, by jane richmond.
i knit this with madelinetosh dk. in the colourway nebula. and it's stunning. i wish i had more time to take decent pictures. in fact, these pics weren't even taken in the day time! eeks! but i had to get a few, just to show you... (thus the massive editing to make me blurry. lol)

this pattern is amazing. i've never knit a cowl this way before, and i love it! it's so different, and it's just designed to showcase that beautifully dyed yarn perfectly. also, it used up all of the yarn.
total win..

i know carla will love it. she picked out the colour, ... i sooo loved knitting with this yarn.
now if there were just enough time in my day to knit one for myself in time for christmas. xo

have you been whipping up some quick pressies? have any of you knit the arbutus cowl yet? let's chat!! xo


  1. This is one gorgeous cowl! What a lucky friend...
    I love my arbutus cowl. The madtosh and pattern are a match made in heaven! So squooshy. What color would you choose for yours?

    1. hmmmm i really don't know! ahaha i love them all!!! but yah, i totally agree... madtosh and that pattern do go hand in hand. xo

  2. Enjoy Carla....it's gorgeous!!!! Becca's Mom thinks you'll love it....


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