gobble gobble

today marks the beginning of canadian thanksgiving. it's really a very yummy weekend. just chalked full of several turkeys,  mounds of potatoes...both mashed and roasted.... huge amounts of squash that have been blended with butter and maple syrup, and just plain ridiculious amounts of stuffing. you can never have enough stuffing. i like to make mine with sausage too. these meals really aren't for the faint of heart. haha.

i really do love this time of year. the food is a total comfort bonus, and helps to warm you up after those cold, brisk autumn walks... or playing tag football with your friends, or knitting up a storm....

and it's also a very important time to remember to be truely thankful. now that my little one is at the stage of asking many many many questions, this is a perfect opportunity to show him how thankful i am.

Source: google.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

and really, i am so very thankful. we live in such a beautiful and peaceful part of the world, we have electricity, running water, healthy family, wonderful friends,  and the ability to indulge in our hobbies...
i am so very thankful for you, dear readers! for being the wonderful friends through this blog that i never imagined i would find. full of encouragement, help, support, and great laughs. i hope one day we could all meet together... say over turkey and stuffing, and crazy crazy amounts of yarn :)

i'll be taking monday off as it's a holiday here in canada... and i have a lot of knitting to do this weekend. we're actually going camping! our one last hurrah of the season.... there won't be turkey at the campsite, but no worries... we've been invited to a friend's place on sunday to have our fill :) i'd better pack my stretchie-pants. xoxo

what do you have planned for this weekend? happy thanksgiving!! xoxox


  1. Have fun camping! And thanks to you for sharing all your wonders with your readers! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hey, we are going camping too..... to bad we couldn't camp together :(
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. oh my goodness! we would have a blast!!! i so wish we were camping together!! you have a fantastic thanksgiving as well! xo


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