for a good cause...

i like donating stuff to things. :) and the latest event now is an auction within the BC government where the proceeds benefit the provincial employees community services fund.  :)

photo by: krysta dey (adeyinthelife.com)

their mission is to "coordinate a workplace fundraising campaign that enables BC government employees to support local charitable organizations that strengthen our communities". and when i was approached to donate some lovely items, i didn't hesitate :)

photo by: krysta dey (adeyinthelife.com)

the auction runs online and the full details of the auction can be found here.

nook is actually still fairly young, and i could use the exposure. even though it costs me time and product, i see donating items to be a wonderful way of getting my name out there, and feeling good about it.

photo by: krysta dey (adeyinthelife.com)

i have donated other items in the past, mainly for door prizes. it's fun! and i always love hearing about who wins :) because winning is fun... lol...

these photos are credit to the lovely krysta dey. her website is www.adeyinthelife.com. i promise you'll be hearing more of her from me ;) but in the meantime, go check out her site!!

what are you up to these days? any extra things on your needles? yesterday i started 2 projects. 'cause that's how i roll. lol! come chat, i'm about to make a huge pot of david's tea! want some? xo


  1. I've been meaning to ask ... where did you get the tags/labels for your knitting?

    And yes, please share your tea :) or at least tell me your favorite kind.

  2. hiya! i got my lables done on etsy at inked papers. michelle does a great job! her etsy site is: www.etsy.com/shop/inkedpapers. tell her i sent you her way :)

    as for tea this is my first go at david's tea. and i have not been disappointed yet :) i've got santa's secret, blueberry jam, ice cream cake, read my lips (chocolate tea) and chai guarana. yummmm i only haven't tried the blueberry yet. i'm LOVING the chai....
    what's your fave tea? xo

  3. this is a new world to me ... i had no idea they had so many flavors. i've always been a simple lady grey or earl grey tea drinker. thanks for the info on the labels! I will check it out.

    1. awesome! tell michelle i sent you, and say hi. also, let me know if you try david's tea. yummmmm


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