coming together...

i'm prepping away here for knit city... and let me tell you, there is yarn e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e..... (i kinda like it) haha.

but you do have to be prepared. so i've set up my mock table..... and it gives me a good idea of how much i should have...

i've also got a little teaser for you.... i might have come up with a new design. no i totally have....

any guesses?

how's your tuesday coming along? what are you up to today? as always, i love your company! xo


  1. wow the shop looks great!...
    i am guessing its a cowl wave pattern ?

  2. Love your banner! I'm guessing a chevron cowl, too. I love that pattern!

    thanks for visiting my blog! Love yours!

    1. thanks so much for coming on by! it seems my pics are giving away lots. haha. a pattern will be coming soon! xo


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