gemini love

remember the tops, tanks, and tee's kal hosted by luvinthemommyhood? it was back in the spring... and it was fun! ha.

i knitted gemini. by jane richmond. we were so excited that it was published in knitty! woot woot jane! and it became the popular item in the knit along. it's hard not to see why!  i ended up choosing to knit with 100% linen. remember that? first time ever. and man, what an experience!

linen is raw, and a bit rough. but oh so soft once you wash it. ... i had to really downsize my needles because i'm such a loose knitter.... i ended  up knitting the body in a 3.0mm!!! too bad i hadn't purchased the fixed circulars from knit picks that i later purchased for georgia. seriously people, it makes such a difference!

some people don't really like knitting with linen. but i kind of enjoyed it. i liked feeling the raw fibers in my fingers. and it really didn't hurt my hands. maybe they're just tough enough already lol. also, the fact that i can just chuck this in the washing machine and the dryer is a massive plus for me!

this was a really interesting knit. i loved working the open lace work, and the stockinette is always enjoyable ;) the linen really shows the detail off so well!

though we're getting into the cooler months now, i may not find as many opportunities to wear this top.. but layering is a thought! ha. and of course, i'll always be happy to grab this top when the warmer weather sets in again.

big thanks to shannon (aka. luvinthemommyhood) for snapping these pics for me. we have such fun in our photo shoots! she's my go-to photographer peeps. i love her photos. :) if you want to check out my ravelry notes, and more progress photos, check in here.

have you knit the gemini yet? or with 100% linen? for those of you wondering, i used punta yarns montoya beach in sage green. check my rav. details for more. coffee's on, and i'm always in the mood to chat knitting with you. xo


  1. CUTE!
    seriously that is the only words i can think of!

  2. I'm wearing mine right now!
    I looooove the way this looks in linen, and I think it's perfectly fine to wear through winter as a layer. And I bet you had so much fun with Shannon taking photos. Love the lipstick.

    1. ha awesome! you're the best hannah. and i'm blushing. xo

  3. You look gorgeous and I love that top on you!

  4. This is so pretty on you! I don't know how to knit (yet?), so I am majorly impressed when I see something like this. What a wonderful feeling it is to create!

    1. thanks so much for the compliments! :) i really agree with you about being creative. i think we're a species who needs to create. and fulfilling that need is fantastic! you should go learn to knit. i know a teacher... ;) xo


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