fall camping xo

heya! how's it going? i missed you yesterday :) we were actually traveling to another campsite. so that's a good reason. it's friday!!!!

i've gotta say.. i'm loving this fall camping!  i want to know what your weekend plans are! we're now settled into our next campsite, and have plans to do lots of hiking, playing at the playground, knitting (always knitting) and celebrating a birthday!

yep. it's actually the hubs' birthday.. not until tuesday, but a certain 4 year old can't seem to wait for some reason. hahaha. so we'll probably have a little birthday party. unfortunately, not this many s'mores... but you get the idea ;)

as for the knitting, i'm working on repairing a boo boo.. it's been giving me grief, as i have to go back to repair the stitch. i know i can do it, but i always feel like i'm holding my breath when i'm doing surgery like this. ever have that? fixing a stitch from stockinette is really easy peasy, it's the garter stitch that gets me, and makes the process all that much slower. so wish me luck!

but i can do it. see you on monday!

tell me what you're up to this weekend. share share. i've got the biggest coffee here. xo


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