being on holidays is awesome.

 i think i've reiterated that  pretty well over the last several posts. ha. i also think that what makes it even more awesome is an unexpected trip to a yarn store! woop!

because i don't have space to download all of our vacation photos at the moment on the laptop... my lovely husband is willingly taking a pic for you... of yarn... on his birthday... what a guy.

clearly i didn't go away empty handed....
did i mention that camping and being on holidays is awesome?

especially when there is yarn involved. as for exactly what i got and where i got it... i'll have another post for you on that :)

also, final reminder... today is your last day to enter into the giveaway!! i'll be choosing a winner at midnight (hopefully i can stay up hee hee) and i'll post the winner tomorrow! woop!

what are you up to today? what's on your needles? come chat.. there's more coffee here. xo


  1. Ooohhh....all that MadTosh...so yummy!! Candlewick is such a gorgeous yellow too! And is that Tart and maybe Comp Book Grey that I see too?? So, so very nice!! And one can never have too much Eco Wool in the stash! Very nice haul Rebecca!

    1. ha! you're so awesome! you know your stuff girl :) well kind of. it's nutmeg (but i think very close to candlewick), and tern, and the red is in fact tart. ha.
      i'm excited to knit with all of it! the eco wool actually has a purpose already... as i've been convinced to partake in another kal. sigh soo many lovely things that need to me knitted ;) xo

  2. Just couldn't handle the peer pressure, eh? That's going to make a gorgeous Aidez...unless it's for another KAL?

    1. hahaha. i just realized that you know the aidez is a KAL cause you're in it! silly me :) what yarn are you choosing? xo

  3. hahah hannah. you're right i couldn't handle the pressure. and it does happen to be for an aidez... AND it's a kal. ha! xo

  4. That yellow and gray Madeline Tosh looks so taaaaaasty! You guys need an external HD for all your media. You should never put that stuff on your comp if you can help it.

    I entered!



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