knitting and cars... and ice cream

the weekend is gone? already? wow. that went by fast. today is totally a chug back the coffee kind of day. i feel rested enough, but i'll still need the coffee. ;)

less than a week now until fibrations! and you bet i'll be ready. i've been knitting so much these days that i've had to bandage my fingers! no kidding. haha. they're not bleeding. no that would be gross. but the callouses are so tender from the constant jab of the knitting needle, that i want to protect them from opening up. kind of gross, i know, but it's totally the sign of an obsessive knitter, no? ha.
so please bear with me this week, as it's a crazy week with final preparations for this awesome event! it's also the last half of my hubby's time at sea, and our days have been more than full to say the least :) we're sure looking forward to friday when we can pick him up :)

so today i'll be gulping back the coffee, and knitting away while my little picks out colours for his new knitted monster :) with all of they toys i've been working on, how can i not knit him one.... we'll be reading stories, cuddling, going to the park, and all of that fun stuff. oh and so ya know, we just went to a car show this past weekend. my little man loved it! he felt like such a big boy checking out all of the cars...

i will be as consistent as i can be with the blogging this week (but i may need to take a day or two off), and i promise to show a few sneak peeks of everything i've been working on. you guys have been super patient with me!

what is your week looking like? come chat. i've got loads of coffee. xo

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