i'm baaaaack!

goodness, it feels like forever and a day since i was last in this space!

camping was awesome! i even managed to bring out my lanterns for the awning :) it was so cute. owen had  a blast. and just ran and played every single minute. the weather was smokin' hot! the only poopy thing about our site was that we didn't have any shade. so it was just really really hot. and it seems we camped at the right time, because it looks as though there will be many fire-bans happening now. we snuck in those campfires just under the wire!

i'd like to tell you i was super productive with my knitting.. but not so much. remember how hot it was? haha. i did manage to get a few rows in here and there though, so i did technically do some knitting :)

of course we've hit the ground running now. my hubby is now off to sea for the next 2 weeks, and i am now in full preparation mode for fibrations. oh yah. that festival is coming up quick! my hubs made me my bunting stand though (weeee!) so i'll be having fun with my mock table throughout the next couple of weeks.

as we're all super tired.... does anyone go to bed early when camping??? or even in summer?? we're catching up on some sleep... as much as i convince my little one too... and we'll be visiting with family i haven't seen in well over a year. for one of my cousins it's been since owen was a little baby!

so as you can probably tell, the next little while is a gong show. in the best possible way :) please bear with me, as i get myself sorted out. already i'm planning for lots of fall and winter knitting... the class schedule will be up soon!! 

...and because i just like to be as busy as ridiculously possible... our family holiday time will be for 2 weeks in september. yes. in high knitting season. ha. of course, i don't plan on taking time off here though. so let's see how organized i can get with posts, shall we? hahaha.

at any rate, i know you have my back. and that you're here knitting along with me. right? right.

so tell me, did you enjoy a nice long weekend? what did you get up to? did you camp? knit? eat a mega amount of smores? tell me!! i'm all ears! i've missed you!! xo


  1. welcome back lovely and thanks for sharing your camping photos made me feel a a lot closer! We've been camping like crazy trying to get in as much as we can before fall hits and school starts..the weather has been amazing and thankfully the bugs have been minimal. Hope you have a great week of rest, knitting and family fun! hugs. Leni

    1. hi leni! so good to hear from you!!! this has been great camping weather, hey? and i'm glad the bugs have stayed away from you guys a bit. miss you! xo

  2. Where did you go? Hey, our boys have the same Super Mario blankie! :)

    1. sooke flats. we like it there :) and owen is in LOVE with his blankie.. haha he looks forward to it every time we go camping! xo


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