fishy bliss

this past weekend, we had so much family time, it was awesome! so many weekends we find end up getting filled with errands, and house cleaning, etc etc. but not this weekend!

nope we ignored all chores, and packed up a picnic lunch and headed here. how utterly peaceful!


this was owen's first time fishing too. he had a blast! next time though, i'll probably bring a few more activities for him. it's hard being patient and quiet when you're 4... ha.

i have to say though, i'm so proud of him! he tried casting off all by himself too!
this was such a restful moment. (even if just for a moment)  haha. but it was lovely. it was so quiet, and still.

and it really brought back memories of when i was younger, fishing off of the dock at the cottage...

as an added bonus though, mama got to knit!

yah. it was a fantastic weekend! and now back to reality. it's the last week before school starts for a lot of mamas and kiddos out here. not me though, owen's with me at home for one more year. and i am sure going to cherish this time. they grow up so fast!

but boy do i feel rested and ready to tackle the week! it's amazing what a little time with the family can do... away from all of the little errands, cleaning, and boring stuff... nah. this is what weekends are really for, right?

how was your weekend? what did you get up to? any crafting? what's on your to-do list this week? any last trips, adventures, activities before school starts and routine takes over? come chat. i've got more coffee xo


  1. that is wonderful....did you catch any fish? eat fish? we spent 7 hours on the Ohio River yesterday! ♥

    1. oh lovely! there's nothing like spending time on the water, hey? we did catch a fish. just a little rainbow trout. but we sure had fun! xo

  2. D worked all weekend but the girls and I had a lot of fun by ourselves. We made cookies which are mysteriously diminishing at a rapid pace.
    See what else I accomplished on the blog!


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