totally hip!

hi! did ya miss me? i bet you totally did ;)

we still have family here visiting us, and it's been so lovely. friday though, was pretty much epic. i'm not a veteran concert go-er. really not. but this concert? ah-mazing!
seriously. the hip are such incredible preformers! but you probably knew that. and um, we were in such a great spot to see the show! bonus!

i had so much fun! there was actually a delay in the preformances.... due to weather! poor sam roberts only played 3 songs... seriously though, we never get thunder and lightening, and there was a crazy cool lightening storm. though we were a little nervous that we wouldn't even see the hip... as the lights were being taken down, and instruments covering up... we had to wait an hour. but honestly... so worth it. once the strom passed overhead, the concert resumed, and as if on cue, the lightening in the background just exploded with the music. seriously!

umm i totally did think about bringing knitting to the concert. (don't judge), and it turns out i could have knit while we were waiting. ha. but i left it all at home. we headed to the campground on saturday though, and i did get a little bit of knitting done. so that was good ;)

we've still got family visiting... and my knitting is calling out to me... loudly ;) i forsee a productive, and most excellent monday ahead of me ;) and of course, i'll be listening to the tragically hip.

how is your monday shaping out? what do you have planned for today? any crafting? i'd love to hear about it! xo

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  1. See what my Monday's been all about! You might be surprised (or you might not be).
    Looks like you had quite the weekend! The hubby had Saturday off (he worked on Sunday morning) so we spent the day in Koreatown with the kids shopping and eating nummy cafeteria-style food (noodles and fried stuff. So good).
    Hope your MOnday is swell.


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