great expectations

today is a big day. not only is it the day of the opening ceremonies of the summer olympics, but it's also my baby sister's 30th birthday, as well as her 10th wedding anniversary!

today really can't be anything short of greatness. i can feel it. of course, by that i mean, super knitterly productive :)

Source: etsy.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

now i'm not casting on anything new for the olympics. i only have a million things on the needles right now. ha. i'm sure you understand. but i do plan to basically do a marathon of knitting to prepare for fibrations.

Source: flickr.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

it's a weekend full of knitting for me. with classes to teach both tonight and tomorrow morning. weee! this weekend looks awesome!

what does this weekend hold for you? will you be casting on for the olympics? what do you have on your needles? come chat. i'll make more coffee :) xo


  1. Well a happy birthday to your sister. It's my husband's birthday today too and my son's birthday party, so it's gonna be a busy evening :)

    1. no kidding! sounds like lots of fun! have a very happy weekend! xo


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