a birthday wish. xo

today is a special day. it's my mom's birthday.... her 60th!

Source: etsy.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

i wish so much i could be celebrating with her, but canada is just so big. sigh. one day though, we'll see much more of eachother :)

it will happen.

Source: google.ca via Rebecca on Pinterest

but in the meantime, the phone, skype, emails and all that jazz will have to do.

that and plans for a lovely knit for my mama. :)

this next project, once i've chosen it will be more of a long-term knit. i'm sure my mom will be fine with that :) so then it's totally justifiable . and now i can search for some beeaauutiful yarns! ha. 

what are you up to today? are you celebrating a special day? is your mom close enough that you could pop by to give her a loving squeeze? if so, you should do it. our mom's are awesome. my mom's the woman and mother, that i aspire to be. love you mom! xo


  1. Lovely tribute,Rebecca, to your wonderful mother. Pam


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