sunnyside... even if it's raining.

i always, always have knitting on the go. especially when i'm now trying to organize for fall and winter holiday markets, there's probably always something i could be knitting.
but right now, one of the things  i'm working on is this lovely little gift:

this is sunnyside by tanis lavallee, she is the mastermind behind tanis fiber arts. i've followed her blog and her work for a while now. her yarns look to die for! buuut can you believe i haven't yet knit with her yarn? ha. i'll have to change that... very. very soon:)

this pattern is great! super easy to get into the groove of... that being said i had to re-start the pattern 3 times at knit night, because i just wasen't focused enough. ha. now that i'm into the groove though.. i seem to be doing just fine.

my plan is to make this short sleeved as i'm not sure i'll have enough yarn for a long sleeved cardi. i've only got the one skein of yarn and i'm knitting up the 12-18 month size.
it's knitpicks stroll tonal sock yarn. and the colourway is blue violet.

and it's soft! this is the second project that i've done now using knitpicks yarn. and i'm not disappointed. i have more here at home, but i just might have to take advantage of the knit picks sale going on right now... (incase you didn't know). :) and for those of you in the US... it's free shipping on orders over $50.

but back to the knitting. i like it.

tell me. what are you currently working on? do you dream and plan your next project while you're working on your current one? have you knit with tanis' yarn before? come chat! it looks like a wet day in these parts.. again.. (umm i thought it was june)... coffee's on, and my needles are clicking away. xo


  1. Looks great so far Rebecca! I had to re-start this pattern twice too. The first time I was at knit night and wasn't paying attention to my cast on...when I got home I realized what a horrible job I had done and had to rip. :(

    I'm loving how this colourway is knitting up. Can't wait to see the final product! :)

    1. haha fancy that.. i was at knit night too.. just impossible to really concentrate when i was too busy chatting happily away :) xo

  2. Looking fantastic, what a perfect colourway!

    1. thankyou! and.. happy anniversary! xo

  3. its such a cute pattern! i love it when I'm addicted to a project, in my eyes that is good designing :)!


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