finally friday!

ohmy i am so excited for it to be the weekend :) i had a great week! but it was chalked full. here's hoping for a little bit of relaxation time...
sooo what's been on my mind lately:
a little nook (what have you) to steal away to and be quiet in... to knit with my fave coffee by my side...

this would be bliss! no? :)
i've been seeing stripes lately... it's a good thing! and i am already looking forward to being able to talk about it... but for now it's a secret... shhhhhh (i know, i'm such a tease)

it's a long weekend! wahooo!!! and the weather has been incredible lately! sure, it's supposed to start raining, but not until at least halfway through the weekend, and i'm ok with that. rainy days are cozy, and perfect too.... great for playing games... and speaking of games, i've been reminded of a classic childhood game, that i'm now obsessing over. i have to pick one up for my little!
remember this?

oh the memories! this game was so fun, but terrifying at the same time! lol. and for those of you who don't remember, it's called perfection.  and you should seriously consider playing it. but be warned... it's addictive, and loud. ;)

i'm really looking forward to this weekend. i'm hoping to relax, and to knit a little bit like a crazy person. (haha). there are lots of things happening around the area... a rodeo, the highland games, a parade... i'm sure we'll have a ton of fun no matter what we do.

what do you have planned for your weekend? are you going camping? knitting? umm obsessing over perfection now, and have to go buy one? lol. wishing you a wonderful weekend, full of laughs, squeals, knitting, and caffeine... and sunshine. xoxo


  1. Hahaha...I used to LOVE that game!! I swear, they don't make games like they used to. When you think about it, all the popular games are the classics.

    I love that little knitting nook too! If I had that, oh man...I would never leave!! I'd be a knitting machine! Can't wait to see your stripey goodness!

    Have a fabulous weekend Rebecca! ♥

    1. isn't it true though. the classics are the best. you and i could just camp out there in that knitting nook ;) hope you have a fab weekend too!! i promise myself, one day we'll bump into eachother :) xo

  2. I'm really excited about he long weekend too. We're seeing friends pretty much every day, staying out to enjoy the weather as much as possible.
    That reading/ knitting nook is incredible.....what a view!
    Never heard of that game....must check it out!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. thanks monica! i hope you have/had a fab weekend! xo


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