sneak peek!

i have been a busy little bee... we're introducing some new classes in the summertime at the cloth castle, and i've been working up a storm to get these samples done!!

it's gonna be an exciting summer! and for those of you who reeeaaallly want to learn to knit, do not worry, we've decided to do the learn to knit series again in the summer. that way you'll be full on ready to be knitting yourself a smooshy cozy sweater when the cooler weather hits! yessssss.... and you can totally join in the fun of our knit alongs! again, yesssssss. :)

i'm honestly really excited about the summer classes. and i hope you are too! as soon as we've figured out the schedule for classes, you'll be the first to know :) and it will be up on the cloth castle's website too!

if you live in the area and you're totally interested in taking any classes but can only attend at specific times, let me know! we'll try to work with you to make it happen :)

hrmm i bet you thought this was going to be about the tops, tanks & tees kal. well i have some frustrating news. i haven't cast on yet?! whhhaaaaaa??? it's true. i re-did the swatch, as you know... for the gemini, out of my luuurvly linen.. and i figured i needed to knit the body in a 3mm... but then i realized that i didn't in fact have a 2.75mm circ for cast on. bah. so i just cast on anyways with the 3mm. and then i twisted my stitches. le sigh.
haha do not worry, the gemini will be on the needles before day's end...

have you ever taken a knitting class before? are you wanting to learn new techniques? tips? what's on your needles right now? i'm very much in the mood to chat, and talk all things crafty... and caffeine... haha.. xo


  1. You know if I lived close to you I'd totally take a class from you. Alas, the commute would be too great ;)

    I started a new project yesterday...but I'm keeping it under wraps for a while. I have a progress marker I must make before I reveal it, let's just say that I was up late (well, late for me) working on it because I just wanted to finish one more row :)

    1. ooOO buffy that sounds exciting! i can't wait to see what it is! :)

  2. I did the SAME thing twisting gemini when we were coming home from Ireland. Only difference was I didn't notice until I was well into the lace work... DOH!

    1. d'oh! indeed. sigh.. but our gemini's will be lovely once they're done. besides i see these little blips to be warm up's for the hands, no? xo

  3. Ooh! Beautiful photos!


  4. Ohh...you've been a busy bee m'dear. Can't wait to see how your Gemini is going to look once you get it going. It's going to be gorgeous!


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