is it really friday??

do you promise???

honestly this week has flown by. it's been a while since we've been this busy! there has been something up every day. and a lot of evenings too. this coffee has not kicked in yet....

i wish i could say this weekend will be nice and relaxing... haha. nice, yes.. it will be very nice... but it will be busy! we have two birthday parties to go to! to say my little man is excited is an understatement :) .. i'm kind of excited too ;)

apart from the birthday parties though, and the regular weekend stuff... i hope to get some relaxing in  :)
knitting, bbqing, cuddling, playing in the park, going for runs, more knitting....i'm hoping to cast on for a new project..(and that means i've got an F.O to show you soon!)..  yeah, this weekend can't get here fast enough!

bring it.

what is on your plate this weekend? will your yarn and needles keep you company? mine most certainly will! come chat! i love your company. you always make my day :) xo


  1. I'm so glad it's Friday too! Although I have a VERY busy weekend planned - it's the knitting & crochet blogging week next week and I'm joining in....lots to get ready!!!!
    Enjoy your parties :)

    1. oOOo you'll have to link to your posts!! I can't wait to read them! have a beautiful weekend! xo


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