holy excited batman.

ok. so .... i just heard zachary's voice. and my heart has melted. i am soooo unbelievably happy for my sister and her husband! i wish we lived closer, i really really do....

Source: etsy.com via Julie on Pinterest

wanna know what else makes this weekend awesome? the hubs is coming home! no more sea time (for a little while anyways)...
and one more thing that makes this weekend super awesome?
i'm headed on a girls trip to the mainland to go to fibers west! can i get a WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! i have never. ever. been to a yarn festival before, and it's been something that i've wanted to do for a very ... very long time.. i am also super excited that i get to go with some of my closest friends. :)

we are even spending the night there. i'm so excited to go, but i'll miss my little man. i haven't been away from him much before... and two days straight is a lot... but it's so good that i'm going...  and i hope that i find some goodies ;)
i can hardly contain myself today! seriously. it is a very. very. good day!
now let's hope i can move this energy into a productive craft session, clean up the house so the hubs can't have a full understanding of how crazily adorned with yarn this house is... (lol).... and go pick him up. i just hope i can figure out which projects need yarn the most, or my poor bank account will be upset with how much is allocated to yarn. thank goodness for ravelry.

this calls for a happy dance. a very happy dance indeed.

how is your weekend looking? what are you up to? i'd love to hear about it! xoxoxo and i promise to take my camera this weekend ;) xo


  1. I love that sheep picture! I'm SUPER excited too!! YAAY!

  2. Wish I was going there with you ladies...someday we will meet up, I'm sure of it!

    This weekend I'll be watching Downton Abbey (picking it up tonight) and working on my Classic Raglan. Hopefully I'll get some organizing done. We're moving to L.A. at the end of May...

    Have fun!

    1. woah that is a HUGE move!!! i certainly hope we will meet up! all west coast at any rate. what bring such a huge move?
      i bet you'll love downton .. and i can't wait to hear your thoughts on it!

    2. hubs is a medical resident and this is his fifth year. he got a fellowship position at ucla for three years. If everything goes well, we will probably stay there for a good long while.

      I've never been to California and now I'm moving there!

      I decided to pretend I'm going to Fibres West and buy yarn for Jane's two new patterns this weekend. As if Lion Wool-Ease was part of Fibres West, but let's just pretend. ha ha.

  3. Oh this sounds like a great weekend indeed! I've never been to a yarn festival before either, there are none that I know of this far east... Maybe some day! My weekend will be spend taking a trip downtown with our little man to watch the parade, he's super-excited. And if all goes well I may even post on my blog again since it's been ages!
    Have a blast and yes bring the camera!


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