getting serious

we get a fair amount of rain here on vancouver island... it's not such a bad thing, because then everything is so green... but it makes for some inventive playtimes with the kiddo... especially when some serious crafting needs to get done.

it's time to step up my game. luckily we headed to the library earlier this week, so we've stocked up on good books and movies... but i think we're still missing something... something that will keep me crafting, and creative, and my little tot happy... oh yes... i need this:

:) well maybe just the cookies will do. but i still think they'd taste better with the mug :)
yesterday didn't work out as i had planned (well my days rarely do) so today, like i said, i need to step up my game. i'm getting my craft on!
seriously. let's hope these fingers fly.

i'm also looking for recipes for veal  pork tenderloin. 

ps . it seems that blogger is making it difficult to leave comments again. so please head on over to nook's facebook page, and we can chat all away there! i love your company! xo

what do you have up for today? i'd love to hear what you're creating, be it yarn related, or food. seriously. :) shall i put on a fresh pot of coffee? would you like a cookie? xo


  1. ❤just found your blog..you are really inspiring! loved living in Victoria..but now AZ. is our winter home and Kelowna our summer place..will check in often....love your pinterest posts!
    have a happy joyful day! ��

    1. i'm so glad you found this space! and that you were able to leave a comment!!! :) (there seems to have been issues lately with people being able to leave comments, so hurrah!) you have a wonderful day as well! xo

  2. What a great tent set-up! My brother made us one, and it's set up in the kitchen, but I think it needs to be moved soon. To somewhere she'll use it more now that she's a bit older.

    1. i agree it's a great tent set-up. i wish it was ours. :) good old pinterest though, to provide the pictures. what kind of tent do you have? so great that it's a handmade one!

    2. Our tent looks almost exactly like this one, just with doweling at the top as well, so it's just one long piece of fabric that wraps around. I spotted one online a couple of months ago, and persuaded "uncle" that it would be a great birthday present. Et voila!


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