bear with me.....

this is my final week to prepare for all sprung out! it's this weekend!! that snuck up fast, that's for sure! so for the next few days.... this is me:

and i'm sure you understand :) also, we just found out late last week that the hubs has to go back to sea for the next few weeks... you can totally imagine my panic.. what? are you coming home for the weekend?! i neeeeeed you to come home for the weekend. big sigh, he'll be here.. so the market is still a go for me :) phew!!
but that means it's a bit of a crazy week here.... i'm kind of excited about it though. i tend to work well under pressure, so i'm excited to see how it will all turn out.
either later today or tomorrow, i'm hoping to create a mock table... (this is such great advice i received from my pal sugar & candy). it makes set up that much less stressful, and i feel way more on top of what needs to still be done.

as for the weekend? it was great! i love getting together with my knitting gals. and i know owen and the hubs likes to have that one on one time. also so important, especially when he has to go away, you know?

i'd love to know what you're up to this week... what's on your needles and hooks? any fave recipes that you're dying to try out? i'm planning on soaking up some chickpeas today, for some yummy hummus. mmmmMMmmmm... coffee is most definitely on, so come chat! i know i'll be wanting a break from crafting here and there throughout the day. xo


  1. Currently I'm working on a couple pairs of socks. One is for my friend's birthday, just a plain vanilla sock and I just turned the heel. The other pair is for me Carousel from the current Knitty. I found some spectacular yarn in Portland, Or and knew I had to make a pair.

    Husband made the menu and is shopping today, not exactly sure what I'll be making but at least I didn't have to do the planning or shopping :)

    1. i think i might need to knit up a pair of socks again :) but a basic pattern this time :) how nice you had the night off of making dinner! wahoo!!! more time to knit up socks. xo


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