loving is easy.

is it really mid-febuary already?? honestly. how did that happen? it's been a crazy start to the year for our little family... and i feel like we're just getting on our feet now... trying to find that oh-so-important routine... but i'm not giving up! we'll find it. we're back from our second trip to alberta since the beginning of the year. and i've got the spring cleaning bug biting at my heels.... just ready for a fresh clean start. ya know?
and with all of the hubbub of a busy start to the year... valentine's day has kind of snuck up on me.
i took a look at the calendar this weekend and went "whhhaaaaaaa???" (i bet i'm not the only one who's done that though... just sayin')

our family is not huge on celebrating valentine's day though. it's true. we're kinda frugal that way. we like to take the opportunity to say love for sure... but we don't see why money has to be spent for it. so i like finding ways to show and say love without costing much, but still being creative...  so if you're fishing for ideas....

heee hee...

- plan a surprise walk.
- bring coffee, hot chocolate, tea... whatever... ;)
- hold hands
- cuddle...
- popcorn is good...
- especially with a movie, cuddled up on the couch...

i'm sure you get the idea....  i think the most important thing though is to just enjoy being with your love... and not try to fit in other things at the same time...this is the trickiest part for me.... because i'm the queen of multi-tasking. i feel almost bored with doing just one thing at a time... and that includes knitting! i usually have to read, or be brainstorming and list making (also a downfall of mine..) at the same time. and if i can be baking as well... all the better. so i have to remind myself to just focus on one thing.. and romance should really just be that... simply romantic, not busy.

so if you're like me and see that the 14th has come quicker than expected.... try the simple, and focused valentine. even if it's just for yourself...

hmm now didn't i say something about baking? good idea!

how are you celebrating today? do you celebrate valentine's day? even a treat of yarny goodness... a coffee, you know... that little goodie that puts a smile on your face... and for you sewing friends of mine out there.. did you see luvinthemommyhood's gift to you? it's sooo cute! and i think it shows a lot of luv!!!  head on over to see it! xo


  1. Happy Valentine's Day m'dear! Thanks for the link luv too xoxoxox :)

    1. you are more than welcome! and a happy valentine's day to you too! xo

  2. Baked my hubby's favorite cake last night, and making spicy beef stew for dinner (his favorite soup).

    He didn't buy me flowers, or candy, but I would be weirded out if he actually did. He's just not that guy...plenty of hugs though (and smoochy boochies), which, according to my daughter, are "the best present".

    I'm furiously knitting up a Bailey but I don't think I'll finish it by the KAL deadline, but I love this pattern!

    Happy Valentine's to you! enjoy it!

    1. oh yum i bet your house smells ah-mazing! i'm not sure yet what to bake... but i'd better decide soon! we're off to the library after lunch... so we'll pick up any ingredients then. hrmmm.... eeks. i'd better think fast! :) have a very happy valentine's day. and who knows, maybe you'll finish that bailey hat! it's so lovely! xo

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you too! My family and I don't really celebrate it either, instead I like to do RAK. There's always someone out there that feels bitter about the day. Although, I do use the day as an excuse to bake cupcakes...no one can complain about that! ;)

    1. oh yum!i would like a cupcake! <3 Happy valentine's! xo


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