i'm here!!!

i'm still breathing! still alive, and i'm so so sorry to have dropped off like that... eeks! i feel like i've missed out on so much! i know it's only been two days, but i go to check my email, and my fave blogs, and i feel so behind!
but it's ok. we're back from our little vacation, and we're getting back into a routine.
let me tell you, it's just so wonderful to be back to meal planning, to have food on our house, and to be home. it's not like we were gone long or anything, it was less than a week! but i'm feeling that after all of the business of christmas, new years, birthdays, and then travel, i'm ready to slow down.... you know?

so i totally wanted to give you a lovely post yesterday, and then we woke up to a winter wonderland!
we don't get that much here... sooo tobogganing it was!
and now, i'm back. and i'm focused! promise! you forgive me, right?

our mini-holiday was lovely, as i said.  and was i ever glad i packed my woolies!

i wore "kathleen" a lot! with -30 and -40 temperatures, this toque was just perfect! sooo glad i knit it up :)
and speaking of knitting, i did get a fair bit done! though the projects aren't fully finished yet, i did get a lot of work done on them. one being the classic raglan pullover, by jane richmond.

this is such a speedy knit! i am aaaalmost done it, and i cast on  for this baby on friday! yeah, that's a quick and awesome sweater! and keep in mind, i was visiting with family during this time! there were lots of non-knitting moments, for sure. now that i'm home and much more focused, i bet this sweater will finish up before you know it. i just bet it will.

this will be one of the classes i'll be teaching at the cloth castle. this pattern is very suitable even for the newer knitter who has a grasp of basic stitches and some pattern reading...  i love jane's patterns. they are very clear and precise. no guessing... and very easy to follow. love love love.

so if you know a bit about knitting, have done a project or two, and are ready to forge ahead into larger projects, this might just be the class for you! i'd love to knit with you! our classes are always fun :)  just contact the cloth castle for more info, and register! with this winter weather here, it's a good time to be a knitter. a very good time indeed.

how have you been? what projects have been keeping you busy? any exciting things to share? how are you keeping warm in this wintery weather? i've missed you all! come chat, i've got my knitting right here and  i'll put on the coffee.. xo


  1. Welcome back! Fresh snow is hard to resist!

    I finished my Habitat, let me know what you think! I was pretty bummed about having to rip out the Oatmeal pullover, so I'm going to cast on for the Raglan pullover instead before my second attempt at it.

    The kids have been sick which makes for some very poor sleep for everyone, but we are on the mend. My sister is visiting today, which is always a big pick-me-up.

    Glad you're back! :o)

    1. your Habitat is gorgeous! i looove it! it looks great on you! i gotta say, i'm loving the raglan pullover right now. i'm going to try to finish it up as quickly as i can so i can cast on one for me! haha. glad to hear that you are on the mend. xo

  2. Snow days always force you to slow down, and sometimes it's really kind of nice. Love the toque Becky!

    1. thanks rosa! i'm wearing it every chance i get these days ;) xo

  3. Ah Snow! It'd be so great to have some of that here in San Francisco :) Will check out the raglan next. Am definitely looking for a quick knit sweater.


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