finding balance...

we're nearing the end of january (already!) and by now a lot of us... but not all, are back into a routine from the hubub of christmas, new years, and general merry-making...
how are you feeling? are you calm and organized and feel in charge of your resolutions? or are you overwhelmed, and bogged down from so many new responsibilities....? maybe a little bit of both?
and it seems we need balance for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g! and it's probably true... but if that is the case, why aren't i really good at it by now? because that would solve a lot of problems.

i myself am prone to anxiety, and would more feel overwhelmed with what's on my plate... but you know, there are more days than not when i'm feeling fairly in control.
but of course there are days when i'm barely keeping my head above water... isn't that what parenting, and life is all about though?

i've decided that there is no real routine here... nothing specifically set in stone.. until the little man heads off to school.. and that won't be for another year and a half yet... i still have lots that i have to get done in a day for sure... and i have deadlines to meet, but for now i'm totally going to enjoy the schedule (or lack thereof) we have.
and do you know what's helping me enjoy it all? believe it or not, it's me being more active. (i bet you thought i was going to get all sentimental here. ha) but i'm being for real here. i've set goals for myself, that i'll probably share with you as i achieve them... but all in all, just paying attention to what my body needs and trying just a little bit is making a difference.
and it's helping me to focus, and to deal with issues with no stress... i'm kind of loving that. wouldn't you?
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today is a kind of damp day here.. and a good day for bread baking, and sauce making... my little man has a serious love affair with garlic toast, so i'm thinking spaghetti tonight.... yum. now i'm also off to cuddle the little dude, and get some knitting in. i've got deadlines to meet, so i'd better get knittin'!

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thanks for letting me get this out today. sometimes just typing it out gives me the encouragement i need to keep on. and i like starting my days out with encouragement. :) how are you doing today? how do you find your balance. what works best for you? i love hearing from you! xo


  1. I am finding it has taken this whole month to get back on schedule again! Don't even ask me how big my laundry pile is right now, heheh ... but I am trying to work out every day (I'll let you know how that goes), and I'm joining Weight Watchers tonite to help me get rid of the last 20 lbs to my goal weight :)
    I tend to agree with you about being active - I exercised yesterday and got so much done, I don't think that's coincidence!
    Have fun with your little man today!

    1. so glad to hear i'm not the only one! great job in working out! hurrah! you can do it!! now i believe you've just reminded me i have laundry to fold. hahah. xo

  2. How's this for encouragement...you seriously rock!

    I cast on my second mitten yesterday and I can feel it staring at me like a live thing...hopefully I'll finish them by the end of the week.

    Today was a very sunny and cold day, the perfect winter day...we had playgroup then hit the bakery (all best laid plans for baking cookies failed miserably this weekend...) and now we are about to embark on the afternoon journey of cookie hoovering, coffee for moi, and toddler randomness. Good times...

    1. sounds like a perfect day to me! plans of playgroup and a bakery can only mean a wonderful day! yippee for casting on that mitten! i hope we get to see a pic by the weekend of them! xo

  3. How do I keep my balance...well to be completely honest I rarely do. Like this past weekend I totally lost it...it was horrible. Yet so necessary. I think to maintain motion and movement in my life I have to focus on not just the here and now but look towards where I want to be but also remembering to look back and see where I've come from, how far I've come and remember how I got here.

    See Becca! You're gonna make me go all self-help on you! Balance is something to strive for but must accept that there will be days (more than we'd like) that will go crazy and you'll fall off of the bike...but the point isn't to get stuck in the crazy meltdown spot but to stand up, address your wounds, check your helmet and get back on the bike and the road of life.

    Enjoy your day with the little man and baking and of course knitting :)

    1. all such very good advice, buffy! finding balance is always a learning curve, i think. xo

  4. Love this post! Sometimes we all need to re-focus on the important things in order to help us find that balance.
    I keep my balance by starting my day with focusing on things that I am thankful for. I say them aloud as I get ready to start my day. It helps me to start my day knowing what is important and with the power that I can face some of the negative that may come my way today. It is not perfect because somedays, anxiety and stress just rule the day, but not as often.

    1. thanks so much andi! i love the idea of being vocally thankful first thing in the morning. it's a great way to start your day! xo


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